An Enchanted Evening

April 29th, 2014
The Enchanted Evening Legacy Awards banquet was established to educate the public about the incredible statistics about single parent families here in Oklahoma and to bring awareness to our organization as we work to bring answers to the table for the challenges of single parenting. We highlight outstanding Oklahomans who were or are currently single parents that have successfully raised or are successfully raising their children. Read More

Queen for a Day

SPSN would like to help you honor an outstanding employee/member who happens to be a single parent. We have organized an event, Queen For A Day, to help hardworking single moms feel appreciated. If you have or know a single parent who works hard to provide for their family and deserves recognition, then the Queen For A Day event is the perfect venue to inspire, honor, encourage and empower that single parent to further success. Read More


Included are inspiring stories from national figures like author Anne Lamott, the parents of Extreme Home Makeover's Ty Pennington and author Donald Miller; prominent Oklahomans like Governor Mary Fallin, Sheriff John Whetsel, General Rita Aragon, Councilman Ed Shadid, and Oklahoma Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Director Jan Dunham as well as everyday single parents with powerful stories of survival through hardships like breast cancer or losing a home during the May 20th tornado.

A must-read for every mother, father, grandparent, step-parent, or anyone else who ever has or will be involved in the process of raising children. You don’t have to be single to be encouraged by the depth and width of these parents’ love for their sons and daughters. Read More